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Journal Première Occasion du 26 décembre 2017

Journal Première Occasion du 26 décembre 2017 présenté par Guerrier Dieuseul, Florence et Pierre René. Retrouvez l’intégralité du journal en replay dans la vidéo ci-dessous.


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Personal injury : talcum powder lawsuits

If you have developed ovarian cancer after the prolonged use of baby powder near the genitals, we at Erskine & McMahon LLP are taking on victims who were injured by the negligent company behind the marketing, manufacture, and sales of this harmful product.

Studies Point to Talcum Powder Causing Cancer

There are studies dating back to 1971 that link talcum powder to ovarian cancer and now a recent survey has found women who regularly powdered their genitals, thighs, sanitary napkins, tampons, and underwear were 33% more likely to develop ovarian cancer than those who did not.

For years, both the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society have considered the use of talc near genitals a risk for ovarian cancer. Despite these studies and talc being listed on various cancer society websites as a risk, Johnson & Johnson has not included a warning label on their products.

Arguments for Johnson & Johnson’s Negligence

Attorneys argue that Johnson & Johnson was aware of the link, but neither the company nor federal offices took action to remove the powder from retail shelves. They further argue that neither party made efforts to add warning labels on this product. More than 1,000 women have filed claims against Johnson & Johnson.

Victories for victims affected by Johnson & Johnson’s negligence:

  • $70 Million Awarded Deborah Giannecchini was awarded $70 million in damages after a jury found her use of Johnson & Johnson’s powder for four decades linked to her ovarian cancer.
  • $55 Million Awarded Gloria Ristesund was awarded $55 million after a Missouri jury found a link between her ovarian cancer and her use of baby powder.
  • $72 Million Awarded in February of 2016 to the family of Jaqueline Fox who used Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder daily on her genital area. A jury awarded $10 million for damages and then another $1 million for every year of her life in punitive damages.

If you were diagnosed with cancer after prolonged use of talcum powder on your genitals, our Longview product liability attorneys are prepared to fight for your right to compensation. See more http://www.erskine-mcmahon.com/personal-injury/product-liability/talcum-powder-lawsuits/

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