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Journal Première Occasion du 13 novembre 2017

Journal Première Occasion du 13 novembre 2017 présenté par Bob C, Florence et Guerrier Dieuseul. Retrouvez dans la vidéo ci-dessous les détails du journal.


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What Does It Mean When a Personal Injury Lawyer Works on “Contingency Fee”?

If you’ve researched lawyers to potentially represent you after an accident or injury (or if you’ve just watched cable television in the wee hours), you’ve probably seen personal injury firms use advertising language along the lines of “If you don’t win, you don’t pay.” This is shorthand for a lawyer representation contract known as a “contingency fee” agreement. (When it comes to “costs,” this shorthand is also not entirely true in every situation; more on this below.)

Under a contingency fee agreement, your attorney agrees to represent you without asking for any money up front, and you agree to hand over a certain percentage of any compensation you receive in your injury claim. So, the “contingency” here is whether you receive any money — via settlement or after a successful trial in civil court. If you do receive compensation, your attorney takes his or her fee out of that amount.

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to contingency fees in personal injury cases.

What’s the Percentage?

The most common percentage for contingency fees in personal injury cases is probably 33 percent, or roughly one third. Some personal injury lawyers might charge a little more, taking a percentage closer to 40 percent. Whatever the percentage is, it should be clearly evident in any agreement you sign.

It’s important to note that your lawyer may use a “sliding scale,” under which the contingency fee percentage goes up as the case progresses. For example, the contract might state that your lawyer gets:

  • 33 percent if your claim settles before a court appearance is necessary
  • 36 percent if your lawsuit settles before trial, and
  • 40 percent if the case goes all the way through trial and to a jury verdict.

If you’ve got questions about your prospective attorney’s contingency fee percentage, make sure you iron out any concerns before you sign anything.

Watch Out for Costs

“Costs” in a personal injury case are almost always handled separately from fees. “Costs” mean all the small and large expenses to keep your case going, including filing fees, document preparation costs, and money paid to any expert witnesses that help out with your case. See more https://www.lawyers.com/legal-info/personal-injury/what-is-a-contingency-fee.html


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