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Haiti – 1er Novembre : au cimetière de Port-au-Prince les morts accueillent les vivants

La tradition remonte à bien longtemps. Mais sa mise en place suit un tracé habituel : la fête des guédés au cimetière de Port-au-Prince, c’est un kaléidoscope de couleurs et de goûts, d’incantations et de supplications.(loophaiti)


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Offshore Workers and Seamen

An offshore injury or accident could occur on offshore platforms and rigs, but it could also happen on a ship at sea. There are several different maritime laws that cover these various situations, and only an experienced lawyer can help you decide which law covers you and your situation. For instance, if you work on a platform or rig, you don’t qualify as a seaman, but you are covered by the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA). This law acts like a type of federal workers’ compensation and was created to cover those workers not qualifying as seamen or harbor workers.

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Types of Offshore Accidents and Injuries

Working offshore is dangerous and risky, and there are many different possible situations in which you could be injured or even killed. An offshore injury lawyer can help you with any of these situations. For instance, you may have been injured in an accident that cannot be blamed for anyone’s actions. You may have been caught in bad weather aboard your ship and thrown from a staircase that was in good working order. Your lawyer will help you figure out how you can get compensation, even though there is no negligence involved in the accident.

True accidents with no negligence are not that common. Unfortunately, in most cases of offshore accidents, precautions taken by an employer could have prevented you from being hurt. For instance, your employer is responsible for making sure a ship and all of its equipment is in good working order, that safety equipment is available, and that all workers are trained to do their jobs. If an employer neglects to do something and that leads to an accident, he or she is negligent.

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How an Offshore Lawyer Can Help You

In too many situations in which a maritime worker is injured on the job, the employer and insurance company tries to deny any compensation or tries to offer a settlement that is too low. This is the main reason that you need a lawyer to help you if you have been injured in an offshore accident. Your employer may try to offer you compensation immediately and ask you to sign something that will prevent you from suing later for more compensation. Settling for this is a mistake. Instead, turn to a lawyer to help you get what you really deserve. Read more https://www.maritimeinjurycenter.com/offshore-lawyer/

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