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Quand Rutshelle et Richard font saliver leurs fans

Quand Rutshelle et Richard font saliver leurs fans. Revivez un extrait de leur prestation.


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One thing you need to do as soon as you buy a used car is to get a car insurance policy for it by transferring your previous vehicle’s policy or, if it’s not a replacement but an additional vehicle, get a new policy. In the event of simply replacing your old car, your auto insurance may just automatically revert to your new car. You will have to call your insurance provider to be sure of this and find out the exact details, plus update the specific information about the car like the make and model.

Another option, if you are adding to your existing vehicles, is to add the new car to your policy before you purchase it so you drive home with everything in place. This obviously won’t work for a spur of the moment purchase since you need to know which car you’re buying, including the vehicle identification number (or VIN). But once you have a car picked out, this process doesn’t take long to do and you can drive home with peace of mind.

A third choice is to just get a brand new policy after you’ve bought the vehicle, but not yet taken possession of it. Most drivers pay high premiums and can benefit from getting multiple quotes to find an equally good, if not better, policy that’s more affordable. Once you have found your car, you can have the policy created and it will go into effect as soon as you take possession of the vehicle.

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