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Breakfast entre-nous – Michel Martelly LIVE

Breakfast entre-nous – Michel Martelly LIVE. Vivez en direct dans la vidéo ci-dessous


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Can Pothole Damage Be Covered by Insurance?

Q. Almost every winter, I lose a tire to potholes. Is there anything I can do to ease the hassle and expense of this?

A. “Road hazard insurance—a warranty you can purchase with your tires that will repair or replace tires damaged on the road—is probably a smart idea,” says Gene Petersen, the tire program manager for Consumer Reports. “Some retailers offer it for free (some don’t), so shop around, and be sure to ask if there are mileage or time limits,” Petersen says.

You can also consider getting run-flat tires, which can safely operate for about 50 miles even if punctured, thanks to thick, stiff sidewalls that can support the load of a car, even when they’re out of air. This can help drivers continue on to a service station or final destination—thus saving the cost of being towed. But there are limited choices for replacing damaged or worn-out run-flat tires. https://www.consumerreports.org/car-repair/can-pothole-damage-be-covered-by-insurance/

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