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Emission Intersection du 31 aout 2017 avec Jean Monard Metellus

Emission Intersection du 31 août 2017 avec Jean Monard Metellus. Suivez en direct dans la vidéo ci-dessous.


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5 Factors That Determine Your Car Insurance Rate

How do car insurance companies set their rates? This is simple question has a surprisingly complicated answer. Before we delve into factors that go into rate setting, we must emphasize that auto insurance companies are businesses, first and foremost.

Car insurance companies lose money when they have to pay out on claims, and so they constantly adjust their risk calculations to essentially reward risk-free drivers and penalize drivers who they deem to be “overly risky.”

Thus, on a fundamental level, anything that influences your perceived riskiness can influence your rates. And thus, in general, the “less risky” you make yourself, the more that car insurance companies will theoretically reward you.

Having said that, let’s now take a look at five crucial factors that carriers look at when they determine rates.

1. Credit history

Most people know that auto insurance companies look at potential policyholders’ driving records. But companies will also look at your credit report, score, and history. The better your history and the higher your score, the less likely you are to file a claim — and the more likely you are to make your premium payments on time.

2. Driving record 

Car insurance companies have the right to review the driving record of anyone who applies for a policy. The company wants to determine whether you meet standards of insurability and to evaluate your risk potential. Each company has its own evaluation method, so points on your driving record may or may not have a big impact on your rate.

3. Auto type

Sports cars, SUVs, and flashy, high performance vehicles generally cost more to insure. Auto insurance companies have statistically analyzed the driving behavior of people who drive sports cars and SUVs — and these drivers are typically more reckless and careless than are people who drive station wagons and sedans.

Flashy sports cars also make more tempting targets for vandals and thieves. The moral of the story: The safety rating of the car you drive (and other factors specific to your car’s make and model) can influence your rates. See more at https://www.netquote.com/auto-insurance/car-insurance-companies

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